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Trust based global media open platform


Rational reward,
active participation

By acknowledging individual users' contributions to Rozeus platform through the employment of a reward system, users are encouraged to play an active role within the network.

A trust-based content ecosystem,
A stepwise self-purifying protocol

A stepwise self-purifying protocol in stages of "reputation - review -report" is implemented for a proper use of collective intelligence and an accurate establishment of credibility measurement index.

Steady growth propelled by
transparent communication

Transparent communication and equitable incentive mechanism will boost each participant’s brand value, not to mention foster sustainable growth of the entire network.



Fake news and
low-quality media contents
Inequitable distribution of reward
Most of the media business models in the digital economy have a system that distributes rewards to the content producers based on the quantitative figures such as the number of clicks and likes.
Such a system has borne many fake news contents with hidden agendas behind. The public, who used to base their actions on the information disseminated by the media, can no longer rely on the traditional media as a source of accurate information.
Disorganized communication with media
Inefficient user experience
The media provides the public with a network within which various types of media contents are exchanged. But the current news media neither communicate nor listen to the public’s feedback.
The ignorance has made the people to turn their back on the media. What’s more, this has led to the extreme echo chamber phenomenon, a situation where the extreme polarization among the public opinions disturbs the very core of the social stability.


A trust-based self-purifying
media ecosystem

A trust-based content ecosystem that employs media literacy and collective intelligence of the general public. A content ecosystem based on Rozeus Mainnet where the creation of quality contents is reinforced through a reputation system.

A media platform that fosters
healthy growth of all players

A platform that supports the fee-free transition to blockchain-based Dapps for all members of the existing media industry . A platform with a transparent revenue structure where the activities supporting the core values of good media are encouraged and propagated.

Fair profit distribution
among all players

Users receive reasonable rewards in return for their contribution to the ecosystem.Smooth entry into the blockchain and cryptocurrency space for the general public .A user experience design built for active content consumption

Media platform monopolies
Passive consumption of media contents
The media has lost credibility
Overflowing low-quality contents
Unreflective news media
Inefficient user experience design
Inequitable profit distribution
Restore the independence of editorial rights
Encourage active content consumption
Regain credibility through fact-checking that harnesses collective intelligence
Content quality is directly related to the reward amount
Communicating Media (2 Way)
Individually customized contents curation
Transparent and fair profit distribution
Rational reward engine
Fact Check Engine
Self-Purification Engine
Media Support Engine
AI-Based Curation Engine


Based on Rozeus blockchain, Rozeus Market provides transparent and fair services to everyone.


Reward Engine
Treats user’s attention as a scare commodity, thereby rewarding all user activities on the platform
  • Able to vote to redesign and improve the reward distribution algorithm.
  • Automates all reward distribution processes through the smart contract.
Efficient Advertising Engine
Selective ad exposure & reasonable advertising pricing.
  • Advertisers can easily monitor their campaign results without the help of advertising agencies
  • Users have full control over the types of ads they want to see through the use of an Ad management setting.
Media Support Engine
Supports the successful establishment of a blockchain-based business
  • Supports token issuance by a DApp operator
  • Allows selective application of the six engines.
  • Provides an opportunity to show more contents by syncing Newsrooms to Dapps
Fact-Checking Engine
Detects meaningful fact-checking activities & determines the credibility index score of a content.
  • Includes all activities that prove or disprove the content veracity.
  • Examples of fact-checking activities include fact-check voting, posting an evidence-based comment, and writing a content review.
Self-Purifying Engine
Users regulate the system themselves, which establishes a self-purifying ecosystem as a result. The following purification protocol reinforces users’ positive behaviors with three steps of powerful leverages.
  • Prevention: Establishing a reputation system creates an atmosphere of decent user behaviors by promoting consistency in user behaviors
  • Validation: A peer-to-peer review system drives the propagation of credible contents as it sets the collective intelligence of the users in motion.
  • Sanction: An online report center detects a bad actor that escapes the net of the reputation system and the review system, then contains it before it can do any harm to the network.
AI-Based Curation Engine
Individually customized curation using an AI-based curation engine.
  • Flip button – a solution to filter-bubble phenomenon, the dilemma of customized curation
  • (refreshes a page with different contents.)
  • Content curation by an expert – Reproduction of existing contents through editing and organizing
  • EG Board – a feature that promotes active participation and navigation throughout the platform


Rozeus Engine
Rozeus interface
Rozeus D App
  • An example of fact checking engine
  • An example of report center feature of purification engine
  • An example of review feature of purification engine


ROZ Coin Exchange listing


Rozeus Wallet beta

Release Rozeus Service 1 step


Release Rozues Service 2 step

Launch Rozeus Blockchain Testnet


Launch Rozeus Blockchain Mainnet


Coin name

Ethereum → ROZEUS Mainnet

Total issue amount

Sale (40%)

Platform Reserve (20%)

Ecosystem Fund (20%)

Team & Advisor (10%)

Bounty and affiliate programs (10%)

Founder & Advisors


Hyo Imm Rose

Global Strategic Officer
UX Researcher @ 4GRIT
Graduated Dartmouth Univ.

News Media Advisor

Won Mo Goo

Electronic newspaper
(CEO, president, publisher)
Presidential Commendation
on SW industry Day

News Media Advisor

Sun Ki Lee

Electronic newspaper Internet (CEO)
The 18th President Of Korea Online
Newspaper Association
Former) CEO of NextDaily
Former) Director of Korea Online
Newspaper Association

Token Economy Advisor

Hyoung-Goo Kang

2019 Professor, Hanyang University Business School
2010 Full-time lecturer, Ewha Woman's University
2008 Senior Associate. Lehman Brothers (Tokyo, Japan) Quantitative strategist/ analyst

Token Economy Advisor

Bae, Kyoung Hun

2019 Professor, Hanyang University Business School
2016 Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology Assistant Professor
2015 Univ.of Maryland Business Management Masters Degree
2010 Univ. Texas-Austin Economics Masters Degree
2008 Seoul National University Business Management Masters Degree
2005 Seoul Nationa university Engineering BA

Rozeus X Bflysoft Partners

Media Partners

Korea’s national public
World's first 24-hour South Korean
news channel
South Korean nationwide
generalist cable TV
Korea’s largest cultural
television and radio
Korea’s largest MSO Entertainment and
media cable provider
South Korean national
daily newspaper
Korea’s No. 1 in ranked in Viewer
Satisfaction Index


South Korean nationwide
generalist cable TV
Korea’s largest cultural
television and radio
South Korean nationwide
generalist cable TV
Korea’s largest cultural
television and radio
South Korean nationwide
generalist cable TV
Korea’s largest cultural
television and radio
South Korean nationwide
generalist cable TV

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